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Domestic Violence Counseling Services

Ruth’s House has a free and confidential service for individuals who are currently experiencing or escaping domestic violence and those who have experienced domestic violence in the past.  This includes children who have witnessed verbal, emotional, or physical abuse in their homes.

Living in an abusive relationship can leave you with:

  • very low self-esteem

  • feelings of worthlessness, confusion or guilt

  • frequent worrying, sadness or depression

  • emotional exhaustion

  • feelings of being trapped and hopeless


This is how the counseling services at Ruth's House can help:

  • safety planning for adults and children

  • education about the cycle of violence and escaping abusive relationships

  • assistance with employment, education and housing options

  • support in preparing for the future by developing necessary skills and overcoming emotional barriers

  • work to develop and refine your ability to achieve and sustain independence from abuse

These problems can be difficult to sort out on your own, so we can also make referrals for professional counseling services. We also offer counseling for Spanish-speaking clients via a counselor and staff interpreter.



All counseling sessions is free and confidential. Our counselor is available between 5:00pm and 9:00pm, Monday - Friday. Call (252) 940-0007 to make an appointment.